Jessica Shewmaker

West Covina City Council Member

​​​​​​​​​Jessica currently serves you on the West Covina City Council. 

She previously served on the West Covina Unified School Board.


With her professional, personal and elected experiences, Jessica understands how her decisions have a real effect on the community she serves.  When handling City business she asks herself one basic question: “How does this improve our community for the residents?”

Jessica fully understand the financial issues facing our city.  When she joined the school board they had minimal reserves.  When Jessica left they had over 20%.  She understands how to make the decisions required to run a governmental agency effectively and efficiently.  Jessica knows no one will agree with her all the time, but she listens to the public to arrive at a decision after asking herself, “How does this improve our community for the residents?”


1.  Financial stability and sanity - voted No on unaffordable pay increases

2.  Realistic budgets - voted No on 2020-2021 budget, unrealistic revenue estimates

3.  Keeping police and fire under local control

4.  Efforts to help and reduce the homeless population in West Covina

5.  Safely re-opening our community, businesses, and schools

6.  Promoting and helping small businesses who are such an important part of our community

7.  Maintaining streets and roads to high standards

8.  Fighting to keep your property rights from County, State and Federal overreach

9.  Services and activities our community deserve and need

10. Public right to comment and voice concerns at city council meetings - when others wanted to limit comment she was the first to say keep the new rules


Jessica continues to ask how closing two fire stations in West Covina will benefit safety in our city.  She continues to ask for information, costs and response times related to transferring WCFD to Los Angeles County, which she has does not support.

Last year when others supported giving out pay increases the city could not afford, she voted NO.  She stated how much she hoped that this June we would not be reducing police and fire because of unaffordable pay increases.  Unfortunately, police, fire, and other parts of our community have faced cuts.


Jessica prides herself on being open and accessible to members of the community, working tirelessly to improve services for the community and coming prepared to council meetings in order to handle city business.

During this campaign season you will have every candidate telling you they are for fiscal responsibility, public safety, keeping West Covina safe, bringing in more money and every other cliche and platitude a candidate can make during a campaign.

Only one candidate, your current council member, Jessica Shewmaker, can point to decisions and votes supporting you.  You may agree and you may disagree, but there is a record and reasons for those positions, not just to get your vote.  The others have expressed opinions to go to L.A County Fire, supported out of control spending, mimic most of her votes, or never said anything in any forum to anyone until this campaign.

No Endorsement Implied

It takes three votes to get anything done on the city council.  A good working relationship with council members, city staff, and other elected officials is needed to move anything forward.  Jessica has that working relationship and respect.

Remember Jessica's philosophy, "How does this improve our city for the residents?”  Every decision Jessica makes comes from answering this question.

Vote for experience and a record of success fighting for you.


She has been a resident of West Covina for almost 30 years, moving to West Covina with her family.  She attended Edgewood Middle School and graduated from West Covina High School.  After graduation, Jessica studied International Relations, Business, and Paralegal Studies.

Jessica showed her leadership skills early.  In high school, she was ASB Director of Communications.  When she completed her term, the PTSA elected her as Vice-President. She was on the West Covina High School Accreditation Committee.  She worked with the WASC (school accreditation organization) and the school district to increase the number of advanced placement (AP) courses offered students.

In college, Jessica represented students while working with the California State Assembly and Senate on education issues.  During this time, she continued to keep in touch with the teachers and staff of the school district and community members, developing an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the many sides of the issues affecting the community and education in the district.

Jessica works for a law firm handling various legal issues for both private and public organizations. ​.


Over the years, West Covina Unified School District has received national recognition for the quality education students receive.  West Covina and Edgewood High School consistently rank in the 10% of all high schools in the nation.  During her time on the board, the district has opened new schools and implemented new programs greatly enhancing the education of today’s students for them to compete tomorrow.

This includes the International Baccalaureate Program at Edgewood High School and expanding to middle and elementary schools in the district.  The Dual Immersion Program gives students the opportunity to become proficient in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese starting in Kindergarten thru High School.

In August 2018 the Mt. SAC/WCUSD Early College Academy opened.  This innovative program allows students to complete up to 2 years of college, free of charge, while attending high school.

The school district has increased Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs throughout the district, along with a continuing commitment to Fine and Performing Arts in the district.

The school district continues to offer a high number of Advanced Placement courses offered students.  A push started by Jessica, while a student at West Covina High School.

Jessica served as the West Covina member of the Board of Management for the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program (ROP).  This Board is responsible for public education services providing practical, hands-on career preparation, and career guidance to residents in seven local school districts.  This program offers students and adults classes to complete their education, including a 2 year Associate Degrees in many practical fields.

Jessica has the distinction of being the youngest elected board member in WCUSD's history when elected at 24 years of age.  Jessica has served as President of the School Board, Vice-President, and Board Clerk.  She has served as one of the two West Covina School Board members on the District/City Advisory Committee.  This committee of school board and city council members works to coordinate activities and develop solutions for the community involving the locally elected city council and school boards.​​