Jessica Shewmaker

West Covina Unified School District Governing Board Member

August 6, 2018

Today, I am announcing that I am seeking reelection to the West Covina School Board on November 6, 2018.

All elections are important, but this one carries some extra importance.  The voters gave the school district $143 million to replace, build, and upgrade our 60-year-old schools and facilities in November 2016.

We know anytime a governmental agency gets taxpayer money you have all the special interest groups clamoring to spend the money on things not part of the agreement with taxpayers.

You can count on me holding the line on our agreement with taxpayers to replace, build, and upgrade our school facilities.  We will continue using bond money for what we promised and using the money from our operating budget for maintenance.  Thus, we will not have to come back to the public for another 60 years.

You have already seen the upgrades for playground and athletic facilities.  We are installing solar panels at our schools which greatly reduces on-grid power consumption and cost.  This project is saving us $10 million over the next 20 years and no bond money was spent on the project, although some wanted us to use bond money.  The cost savings go back into programs in our school district.

We will soon start construction on our new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) facilities around the district.  Our science, technology, engineering and math classrooms and facilities will be second to none.  In support of the Arts programs we will have a 650-seat performing arts center at West Covina High School, along with a smaller up to 300 seat multi-event center at Edgewood Middle and High School.  Both facilities will be available to our community when not in use by our schools.

I continue to support having our highly trained and professional West Covina Police Officers working in our schools to keep our students safe. We will be improving our parking to improve traffic flow and to reduce traffic congestion in the neighborhoods by our schools.  This also improves safety.  We continue to improve school and facility safety for our students and staff at each school.

The school district will have a world class swimming facility at Edgewood for school and community programs.  The district has already been approached to host training for 2028 Olympics and other local, state, and national events.

I am proud to serve our community and of the accomplishments of our school district during my time on the school board.  We continue to increase and improve programs in our school district for students.

Please continue your support this coming November 6, 2018.

​Thank you.